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All Surface Technology, Inc.

"Orlando's Repair and Resurfacing Experts"

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All Surface Technology was originally created in 1976 for the sole purpose of saving money in rental apartments after tenants moved out and damage had to be dealt with, without the need to replace surfaces with new, at a very high cost to do so. Since the early days in the resurfacing business, many materials and techniques have greatly changed to where our business today is growing in leaps and bounds, even with a soft economy. We manuacture all of our materials to very strict standards and of course we not only work in the rental property market today but in the residential market, hospitals, nursing homes, military bases, hotels and motels, office buildings and many other places. With our unique processes and materials," we save our customers as much as 80% over replacement cost" on many damaged and unsightly old worn surfaces.
We want to make sure our potential customers really understand all the possibilities without the need to spend much more money to replace!  
"Tear out and replacement is really unnecessary" 


   "The All Surface Technology Team"                     
"All Surface Technology is the leader in the repair and resurfacing industry". We've made it possible to take an old ugly countertop and without any tear out and replacement, make it look just like a new solid surface countertop in virtually any color or color combination a customer might desire.
 We are able to work the same magic on bathtubs, ceramic tile, vanity tops, kitchen and bath vanity cabinets, appliances, all types of floors and much more. Our repair and resurfacing services are completelyGuaranteed, no questions asked, and will last for 25 to 35 years under normal wear and tear.
What a great value for you the customer. All standard solid colors and custom colors available as well as a full line of Stone Finishes. The possibilities are endless!

Please view our before and after photo slide show for a good idea of the possibilities available to you, our valued customer.

Please find our company information below

Phone number 407-691-0061
Toll free           1-800-459-3554
Fax number       407-691-0063
127 W. Fairbanks Ave  #404
Winter Park, Florida 32789